January 16, 2021

How to Strategically Choose Your Brand Colours

Choosing a colour palette might seem like the easier step in creating your Visual Identity. I mean, you can find a bunch of already made colour palettes on Pinterest and other websites. But actually, there’s a lot that goes behind choosing your brand’s colour. Keep reading to know how you can strategically choose the colour that both you and your client will love!

Keep your client in mind

It’s pretty common for biz owners to choose their favourite colour as their brand’s visual identity. But this approach is not good for your business. You need to think about who your clients are and then we can focus on a better strategy.

Giving you an example, if you are a family photographer who loves taking photos in nature, and your style is modern and romantic, so the worst colours you can use are purple and vivid orange.

Even if purple is your favourite colour, your target audience won’t be attracted to that. Now, if you go for a more terracotta style which are colours found in nature, your clients will be attracted to your style and will more likely get in touch with you.

There are other aspects you need to know when choosing your brand colours.

Each colour has a meaning and an emotion

Haver you heard of colour psychology? You need to have a basic understanding of the meaning of it and what it represents for your biz

If you rather hand off the strategy of choosing the perfect colour palette for your business to a trained pro, let’s talk!

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