How to build an engaged audience on Instagram?

How to build an engaged audience on Instagram? My clients come to me because they struggle a lot when it comes to building their audience. The truth is, it’s not that complicated and here’s why. People think that to build an audience you need A LOT of followers since, according to them, that’s the only […]

May 30, 2022

Social Media

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What does a Social Media Manager do?

Instead of what most people think, the social media manager doesn’t just create a post. I’m responsible for creating your social media strategy and generating results based on your goals. The goal of each client is unique and so should be your results – and strategy. I can’t stress how important it is to have […]

March 31, 2022

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Social Media

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The Importance of Defining Your Business Vision

My life is a mess. If you go in my closet you won’t find your way out 😂 . BUT, business-wise I’m the most organized person you will ever see. You know why? It’s because I know where I am now and where I want to be. I have a clear business vision. That’s super […]

February 16, 2021


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How to Strategically Choose Your Brand Colours

Choosing a colour palette might seem like the easier step in creating your Visual Identity. I mean, you can find a bunch of already made colour palettes on Pinterest and other websites. But actually, there’s a lot that goes behind choosing your brand’s colour. Keep reading to know how you can strategically choose the colour […]

January 16, 2021

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